After having finished successfully the first stage, you could get the impression, that I need some recovery.

Quite the contrary, I am already thinking about how to tackle the next stage. So many ideas, which are waiting to be addressed…my team is really challenged. So am I!

What is driving us? Feedback arriving us from users and athletes as well as the desire to create solutions from product to production, which fit into our times! It is our duty and part of our social responsibility to avoid waste and pollution, treat resources of our planet with care, create sustainability within what we do.

Good question: how do we create sustainability?

– Made to order (reverse approach)
– by producing close to market (Italy), supporting local industry and workers
– short distances (less CO² pollution)
– use of renewable raw material (leather)

Just a short example, that a great looking and performing product can be sustainable at the same time! Get closer and discover more added values behind Evers, its product and people!

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