Does this fit into our times?

Does this fit into our times?

Does this fit into our times?

I was very pleased having the opportunity to attend the 1° edition of the historical ride Emilio De Marchi in the surroundings of Conegliano, which is close to Venice. 90km with a road bike, which must have been produced before 1980, riding mainly on gravel roads, wearing the wool outfit of those days: this sounds anachronistic to all the technological achievements we have seen in cycling so far!


Why do this kind of rides are becoming so popular right now?

I believe, in first place, because cyclists start to realize more often again, that cycling is more than technology. This is actually not new, however, we might have lost a lot of its passion and emotion while emphasizing too much on weight, performance and competition recent years. Riding 5 hours through the countryside, enjoying the landscape, chatting with other riders and having rests once in a while, let you dip in more and more into what cycling was (and is) really all about. You have time to marvel the beautiful craftsmanship, which was put into those Bottechia, Pinarello and Bianchi bikes: a proof of knowledge, experience, verve, quality and love can be discovered in a lot of details. And you have enough time to admire it with all participants.


What I learned and what I am trying to achieve, is, to combine those elements of quality, craftsmanship and dedication with the up-to-date technology. Like this we are able to revive the values from the good old times while offering convenient and personalized service to you all passionate cyclists.

Way to go!

NB: The ride was pretty challenging for me, especially because of this guy who performed the 90km with a City Bike without gear change, always smiling and staying next to me most of the time!

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